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When all components of test board D LED and all components of test board K Sens are malfunctioning. MENU button Press to open and close the on-screen menu pages 15 to 27. Cursor position diverges from pen after initial setting. FULL, 4:3 and DOT BY DOT modes can be set. Is the correct input selected? The silver finish is somewhat brighter than in the previous model. Immediately turn off Vents power, remove power plug from its outlet, and consult a Pioneer service center or your dealer. Notes: Use the mouse to make the settings in this screen. Check driver setup and reset if appropriate. The front panel has a rounded appearance while the side panels have a two-tone finish in silver and black. Display Panel Adjustments Press SET. Operations Press INPUT on the remote control unit or the Selecting an Input Source main unit to select the input. The specifications and external designs shown in this manual are subject to change without notice. Making CONTROL connection enables control of this unit as a component in a system page 13. For details consult your local retail dealer. Sens boards H N I J K LED boards FRONT SIDE VIEW 2. Selection of plasma display input is adjusted depending on whether the PC video cable is connected to INPUT 1 or INPUT 2. Be sure to read instructions indicated by this symbol. Pen functions other than the small button middle mouse button cannot be changed. Q: What to do if operations on the browser do not work well?

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Preview of first few manual pages at low quality. Press MENU to display the menu screen. Bedienung Wahl des Bildschirmformats Der auf den Bildschirm projizierte Bereich kann zwischen vier verschiedenen Formaten mit jeweils 480 Zeilen unterschiedlichem Bildseitenverhaltnis umgeschaltet 768 Zeilen werden. Note that some Easy Setting modes may differ when the XGA is used. Pen tip Mouse cursor screen display position If the cursor position differs from that of the physical pen tip, adjust as follows: 1 Using your mouse, left-click on the CBdrvU icon in the task tray. You will find it useful in the future. Lost or the best of DVD e. Follow the on-screen calibration instructions and touch the points in the upper and lower half of the screen. Setup after Connection MAIN MENU INPUT1 PICTURE SCREEN SET UP OPTION I N P UT I N P UT 1 After components have been connected to INPUT1 or POWE R M NA GEME OF F... I N P U T 1 This function allows rewriting of the screen contents displayed with differing inputs. Precautions regarding computer setup Be sure to install the latest Windows updates. Installation of the Unit Installation using the supplied display stand Be sure to fix the supplied stand to the installation surface.

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Display Panel Adjustments Press SET.

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